Finding, understanding and explaining historic documents.

Have you found documents you can't read or understand? Do you need to find new historical evidence? Would you like help with planning your research and learning the skills to do it?

I can track down documents you had no idea existed and I am able to read and translate any English or Latin handwriting dating back to Domesday. I can explain to you what your document meant when it was written and what it may mean to you or your project now. If you wish, I would be happy to help you create a research plan and teach you how to take it forward.

Whether you are a professional looking for specific, targeted help or a newcomer to historic research, I offer a depth of knowledge and experience in this field that goes way beyond what can be found on the internet. Previous clients include genealogists, local history and archaeology groups, landowners, lawyers, landscape historians, biographers, students and academics.

"I've worked with Peter on several historical research projects and have no hesitation in recommending him. I find his input invaluable for sourcing and translating historical documents"
Di Ablewhite


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